Drive Scooter Phoenix HD

Compact Portable Scooter

Phoenix HD

The Phoenix HD combines the luxuries of a full size scooter with a compact portable scooter. Firstly, the Phoenix HD has a higher ground clearance and larger wheels, creating easier traveling on a variety of terrain. Riders can also choose between a 3 wheel and 4 wheel model. Depending our your mood you are also able to change the color of the scooter. Phoenix HD comes with both blue and red interchangeable color panels. In addition, the Phoenix HD has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and can travel a maximum of 15 miles on a full charge. Due to an easy disassembly, transporting the Phoenix HD is a snap. Finally the 5 light weight pieces are easy to lift and can fit into most vehicles. As a result this portable scooter makes going places even easier.

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